Choosing the Right Torchlight

Though most areas in cities are illuminated with lighting connected to the mains electric supply, often there is a power supply failure due to damage to cables or other similar problems. In these cases, torch light or torch is an alternative way to illuminate the dark area. 

Also in many areas, especially remote areas or while camping in the wilderness, torches are used for illumination since they are compact, portable, and can be easily carried. Typically the torches use batteries as a power source. 

There are a large variety of torches that are available to suit the requirements of the buyer and some of the considerations while choosing a torch are discussed below.


One of the main considerations while choosing the torch is the illumination it will provide. Usually, the manufacturer will specify the light output in terms of lumens so that the customer can choose a suitable torch based on his application. Typically the illumination depends on the distance from the torch, at a distance of one metre the illumination levels will be high, and it will gradually decrease as the distance from the torch increases, The illumination level is usually measured at the centre of the beam, where the lighting levels are the highest. In a few torches, it is possible to adjust the brightness of the torch as required.


Another factor that the user should consider is the design of the torch based on where it is likely to be used. Usually, most inexpensive torches are cylindrical in shape. Some of them have a lanyard so that they can be hung on the wall when not in use. In a few cases, the torch has a handle so that the user can hold it properly, it does not slip off from his hands. Usually, the torch body is made from plastic, though the grade and type of plastic may vary, depending on quality and price. However, since plastic is not very strong, and may break, some torches whose body is made from aluminium which is lightweight and more durable are also available.



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